Wings on Wingo World Song
Saturday Night in Cincinnati Classic Rock Song
The Marburg Hotel Miscellaneous Song
Wrath of Kali General Rock Song
Black Napkins Classic Rock Song
The Girl with the Glasses Trance Song
Detroit Woman Experimental Song
Star Fox Video Game Song
Over the Rhine Ambient Song
Temple Theme - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Video Game Song

2011 Submissions

Born Under a Bad Sign 2 Classic Rock Song
Hohenheim of Light Classic Rock Song
The Weirdo General Rock Song
Loneliness Tonight Ambient Song
Riding the Batmobile General Rock Song
Jeremy Bentham Ambient Song
Wayne Manor General Rock Song
The Red Head Girl General Rock Song
Tim Burton General Rock Song
The 2000's General Rock Song
Martial Arts Classic Rock Song
Kenpachi Blues Blues Song
Voodoo Blues Blues Song
Shikai General Rock Song
Urahara's Shop General Rock Song
Freshmen Year Trance Song
Raphael and Donatello General Rock Song
The Alchemist Ambient Song
Rukia's Ballad General Rock Song
My Zanpakuto Classic Rock Song
Greendale Blues Song
Born under a Bad Sign Blues Song
Neon Genesis Evangelion Soul Ambient Song
Rei's Serenade Classic Rock Song
Californication Classic Rock Song
Breathe, Breathe Classic Rock Song
Karl Malden Classic Rock Song
Chicago Trip Blues Song
How High the Moon Jazz Song
The Shocker Classic Rock Song
Which Way? Jazz Song
Evening at the Pub Blues Song
The Other's Whispers Ambient Song
Wicked World Classic Rock Song
Engines of Creation Ambient Song
Graduation is Here General Rock Song
Into the Light (One more Time) New Wave Song
Hurley Reyes Miscellaneous Song
Oldham'a Psychedelic Drugs Blues Song
Landslide Live Classic Rock Song
Big Love Classic Rock Song
Something In the Way She Moves Classic Rock Song
Scarborough Fair Canticle Classic Rock Song
Tolkien Trees Trance Song
Cincinnati Heavy Metal Song
Time stands Still..... Classic Rock Song
Travels Miscellaneous Song
Dream Phase Miscellaneous Song
Mr. Bojangles Country Song
Acid Mario Underground Video Game Loop
New World Man Classic Rock Song
Fountain of Lamneth Ambient Song
Julia Classic Rock Song
Zelda's Lullaby (Weird) Video Game Song
Cinderella Man General Rock Song
Fireside Chat General Rock Song
Farm Life Classic Rock Song
Playing in the Farm General Rock Song
Swamp Thing Blues Blues Song
Watching Woody Allen Jazz Song
Jim Henson: A Puppet's Ode Classic Rock Song
Unable to go Back Classic Rock Song
Friendly Game of Pong Jazz Song
Down with the Iron Curtain Heavy Metal Song
Lonely Monster General Rock Song
Sounds from 2585 Ambient Song
Israeli Friend Ambient Song
The Dharma Initiative Heavy Metal Song
The Man Behind the Curtain Ambient Song
Oceanic 6 Blues Song
Harmonic Mario Video Game Song
Z.Z.'s Song Part 2 Classical Song
Yesterday is Gone Blues Song
Ronald Reagan General Rock Song
Charlie Chaplin Heavy Metal Song
Saturday Cartoons in 1991 Trance Song
Yuna General Rock Song
Red House Cover Blues Song
Gypsey Eyes Classic Rock Song
A Merman I Should Turn To Be Classic Rock Song
Voodoo Chile Classic Rock Song
Brother John General Rock Song
Stuck in a Dream Trance Song
Rubina Ambient Song
Starry Night....... General Rock Song
Final Fantasy IV Metal Video Game Song
Electric Ladyland Classic Rock Song
Manic Depression Classic Rock Song
May this be Love Classic Rock Song
Fire (Cover) Classic Rock Song
She's So Fine Classic Rock Song
Remember (Cover) Blues Song
Ode to Joy (Guitar) Classical Song
Are You Experienced? Classic Rock Song
Stone Free Classic Rock Song
51st Anniversery Classic Rock Song
Hey Joe Classic Rock Song
Down, Down, Down Blues Song
Love or Confusion Classic Rock Song
You Got Me Floatin' Classic Rock Song
Weird Jammer Miscellaneous Song
Classical Optimus Prime Classical Song
Bold as Love Classic Rock Song
Avoid the Noid Country Song
Hendrix's Castles Made of Sand Classic Rock Song
Batman TV Theme General Rock Song
Wait Until Tommorrow Classic Rock Song
Ain't No Telling Classic Rock Song
One Rainy Wish Classic Rock Song
Batman in the 60's General Rock Song
Made in the Eighties Brit Pop Song
Foxey Lady Classic Rock Song
Purple Haze Classic Rock Song
The Wind Cries Mary Classic Rock Song
A Little Bit of Night Music Classical Song
Bruce Banner's Lab Blues Song
Bad Acid Trip Heavy Metal Song
Little Wing Classic Rock Song
Nightmare on Yancy Street Heavy Metal Song
Silent Night, Holy Night Classical Song
Pasta Time Brit Pop Song
Herald of Galactus Trance Song
Where's Waldo? Blues Song
Captain America Ambient Song
Ludlow Street Jazz Song
Troll Under a Bridge Miscellaneous Song
Riddler's Riddle Blues Song
Hidden Art Gallery Jazz Song
Passing the abandoned park Trance Song
Drawing with Jack Kirby Classic Rock Song
Goomba Blues Blues Song
Mr. Hooper (Sesame Street) Ambient Song
Goldwater Trance Song
Ripley's Believe it or Not Heavy Metal Song
Flying with Howard Hughes Classic Rock Song
Energy Drink Time Heavy Metal Song
What, Me Worry? Jazz Song
Finding Pee-Wee's Playhouse Ambient Song
Finding the Chrono Cross Classic Rock Song
Recess at School Classic Rock Song
Peter Parker's Memories Ambient Song
1985 Ambient Song
Dead Heroes Ambient Song
The Penguin's Blues Blues Song
John Wayne's Lighter Country Song
Frank Castle's Family Brit Pop Song
The Main Experience Classic Rock Song
Up and Down Segovia Jazz Song
Paper Boy Video Game Song
Heavenly Blissful Classic Rock Song
The Dark Knight Trance Song
Amazing Grace Brit Pop Song
Classical What? Classical Song
Sonic the Hedgehog:Marble Zone Video Game Loop
Mario Sewers(Bass) Video Game Song
Solo for the LSD Peoples Heavy Metal Song
Indiana Jones Miscellaneous Song
Zelda's Theme Video Game Song
Vincent Classical Song
Looking for the Master General Rock Song
Sleepwalk Miscellaneous Song
Please, Don't be late Jazz Song
Star Spangled Banner General Rock Song
We are lost in space.... Trance Song
Spider-Man Theme Classic Rock Song
Air on a G String Classical Song
Tim Burton's Brain Miscellaneous Song
Zappa in the House Jazz Song
Where am I now? Miscellaneous Song
Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring Classical Song
Cid's Theme Video Game Song
Final Fantasy Overworld Video Game Song
Bowser's Theme Video Game Song
Joker out of Prison New Wave Song
Capriccio in D Minor Classical Song
Zelda Main Theme Video Game Song
Grandfather Clock Miscellaneous Song
Mario: Course Over Video Game Loop
Sonic: Course Over Video Game Loop
85th dimention Miscellaneous Song
Mr Sandman Jazz Song
Yoshi's House Video Game Loop
Tapper Miscellaneous Song
Z.Z.'s Song Classic Rock Song
Fisherman's Horizon Video Game Song
Bowser's Castle Theme Video Game Song
Mario Sewers Video Game Song
On The Other Side Of The Mt. Video Game Song
Sounds of Hell Miscellaneous Song
Jared Presley Jazz Song
Star Wars Main Theme Classical Song
Mario: Game Over Video Game Loop
N64 Mario Course Video Game Song
Punch Out Main Theme Video Game Song
Zelda: Temple of Time Video Game Song
Mario Water Theme Video Game Song
Super Mario Bros (Weird/Jam) Video Game Song
Heather General Rock Song
All things must Joe Pass Jazz Song
In the hall of the Mt. King Classic Rock Song
High School Groove Miscellaneous Song